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Gender Equality Plan (GEP) in UEFISCDI

Partner in the EU-funded CALIPER project, UEFISCDI is the first public institution in Romania to undertake the elaboration and implementation of a Gender Equality Plan (GEP).
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GEP Uefiscdi - Equality

Developed with the help of CALIPER project partners and using the methodology proposed in the project consortium, UEFISCDI's Gender Equality Plan was elaborated based on the results of a comprehensive internal and external analysis.
The document was finalized and approved in October 2021 and is now in the implementation stage.

After the first year of implementation, the actions and their results were evaluated (evaluation result available here) according to the monitoring plan (available here) and the Gender Equality Plan was updated according to the evaluation result, so that a number of actions have undergone changes (arguments and series of changes can be consulted here).

With this initiative, UEFISCDI strengthens its position as an innovator în the RDI community and leads the start of conversations on gender equality. 


What is a Gender Equality Plan?

In the specific context of research organizations and higher education institutions, the European Commission regards a gender equality plan as a set of actions aiming to:

Carry out impact assessments / audits of procedures and practices for identifying gender bias;

Identify and implement innovative strategies to correct any bias that might occur;

Set goals and monitor progress with the help of specific indicators.

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The measures that are fundamental to the Gender Equality Plan are:

Human resources

Recruitment and selection process, Working conditions and reconciling family and professional life, Career progress

Institutional Governance

Establish and ensure the operationalization of an internal organism to coordinate the implementation of the GEP.

Institutional communication

Internal and external gender sensitive communication.

Moral/sexual harassment

Includes a guide to define, acknowledge, and report harassment.

Research funding

Analysis of funded projects, develop guides for evaluators, draft proposals for further recommendations.s.

Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Cafe, implementing gender quotas within events.