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Proposed measures - Human Resources

Working conditions and work-life balance

Proposed measures:
Soft skills training
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To increase work efficiency and improve work life balance for employees returning from parental leave


September 2021 – June 2022

Target audience

Employees returning from parental leave

Secondary objectives

- More than 80% of the employees returning to work improve their soft-skills needed in order to have a healthy work-life balance
- Increase time management skills for more than 70% of the employees returning to work


- Research for best practices and similar trainings regarding soft skills and time management for the employees returning to work
- Developing and organizing training sessions and an informative kit on the topic
- Evaluating the result of the training session

Performance indicators

- Short term: raising awareness about the importance of developing soft skills among employees
- Medium term: when evaluated more than 70% should be able to indicate precise soft skills improved or developed following the trainings
- Long term: >70% of trained employees see improvements in their daily work routine and in their work life balance


+50% employees trained, one training