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Proposed measures - Human Resources

Working conditions and work-life balance

Proposed measures:
Back-to-work training
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To help employees returning from parental leave to get accustomed to the recent developments in the institution and the projects they were previously working on


September 2021 – June 2022

Target audience

Employees returning from parental leave

Secondary objectives

- To reduce by 50% the period needed by an employee recently returned from parental leave to readjust and have the same work efficiency as before leaving
- To reduce the possible stress that an employee has to face due to the fact that when returning he/she is dealing with two simultaneous different situations: regaining their work competences and being a parent


- Training sessions with the department managers on how to implement support measures
- Information sessions among employees about the importance of the transition period and on the means to offer support
- Developing specific trainings for each department
- Evaluation

Performance indicators

- Short term: raising awareness about the importance of work life balance
- Medium term: increase employees’ work efficiency and professional satisfaction by 50% in the first 3 months after their return from parental leave
- Long term: when evaluated, more than 70% of UEFISCDI’s employees see an improvement in their work life balance


- one training for department managers (7 people trained)
- one training for each department (7 people trained)