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Proposed measures - Human Resources

Career progression

Proposed measures:
Internal personal development programmes
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On one hand, employees participating in the programme discover their latent potential and the abilities they do not fully use, and on the other hand department managers acknowledge their colleagues’ abilities as well as their other interests


September 2021 – July 2022

Target audience

- Employees in execution positions
- Department managers

Secondary objectives

- help employees match their skills with their task
- help middle manager better distribute the tasks according to employees’ skills


- evaluation of the skills and competences, both by the employees in execution positions, as well as by department managers
- developing a career plan for participants in the program (a collaborative action between employees and manager)
- evaluation of the program

Performance indicators

- Short term: >25% of employees enrolled in the programme
- Middle term: increase by 50% the number of participants that become aware of their abilities and acknowledge whether these abilities are put to best use
- Long term: when evaluated, more than 60% of the participants agree that their skills are put to best use


Career plans developed for each participant